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Stop Foreclosure In Maryland

  • Are you behind on your mortgage?

  • Are you worried about losing your home?

  • Are you trying to Stop Foreclosure In Maryland?

  • Do you have 1, 2 or even 3 mortgages on your property?

  • Have you tried to obtain funds to bring your loan current without success?

  • Is your lender refusing to accept your payments?

  • Are you worried about having a foreclosure on your credit report for the next 7 to 10 years?

  • Do you need help FAST?

Stop Foreclosure In Maryland

We are a group of Short Sale Specialist Realtors throughout Maryland who offer FREE short sales services to home owners anywhere in the Country.


Is the bank threating to take possession of your home? Can’t get your home sold due to decreasing home values and your high loan payoff amounts? Are you in any kind of financial hardship and must get your home ?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, don’t just walk away, we may have another way!

We are a group of licensed Realtors and loss mitigation consultants throughout the state of Maryland who specialize in pre foreclosure sales and Short Sales of homes, condos, town homes, and land. If you owe more than your house is worth and need to get it SOLD, or are facing foreclosure, we will work to delay the foreclosure process and negotiate a lower payoff amount with your lender to get your home down to a price where it will get sold in this market. This is called a “short sale”.

You do NOT have to be in default to do a short sale.

Our service is absolutely 100% FREE for you, the lender pays our fees. Period.

We are some of the most reputable realtors in the State of Maryland.

A short sale is not public record like a foreclosure, and has much less of an effect on your credit and recovery period when compared to a foreclosure.

We will work to secure a full release from your lender prior to closing, so the lender will not be able to come after your assets, unlike a foreclosure.

We will aggressively market your home to get a fast sale, and work very hard to get rid of your headaches and help make the deal go as smoothly as possible, so we can Stop Foreclosure In Maryland

We are licensed and regulated by the State of Maryland and are here to represent YOU and look out for YOUR best interests.

Mortgage Foreclosure is a complex process when you are tryin to Stop Foreclosure In Maryland.

You are encouraged to become informed about your options in foreclosure before entering into any agreements with anyone in connection with the foreclosure of your home. There are government agencies and nonprofit organizations that you may contact for helpful information about the foreclosure process, as well as many reputable sites on the internet. Do not sign any important legal contract without first consulting with an attorney in your area.

Do not delay dealing with trying to Stop Foreclosure In Maryland  because your options may become more limited as time passes.

Many states have consumer protection laws that regulate foreclosure advisors and/or consultants. For more information on these laws you should contact a lawyer or your State Attorney General.

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